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Supply Chain Finance

Our trade & supply chain finance solutions can meet specific requirements:

-Quick and recurrent access to sources of liquidity: by means of 

(i)Advance to importers under “import” L/Cs or inward (import) documentary collection,

(ii)Advances to exporters through discount of export bills under “export” L/Cs or export documentary collection;  

(iii)Discount of sales invoices to sellers

(iv)Commodity finance: on a case by case basis, we may provide reliable sources of funding at optimized cost through solutions based on inventory and export  of commodities.

-Management of your working capital requirements:

(i)Forfeiting: non-recourse financing of trade receivables for exporters, typically provided against letters of credit or sovereign and large/multinational corporate payment instruments (promissory notes/bills of exchange).

(ii)Factoring and “reverse” factoring: tailor made solutions considered on a case by case basis

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