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Custody Service for Institutional customers

Product Name:

Custody Service for Institutional customers

Product Description:

We provide safekeeping and other related services of equity share, debt instruments and funds to financial institution and/or corporate customers.

Product Function :

Can effectively satisfy the securities investment needs of customers.


Initial fees are fixed according to our internal price rules and market standards, upon discussion and mutual agreement with customer。

Target Customer:

Banks, other Financial Institutions, Corporates.


1.Successfully pass our due diligence check and opened cash account in our bank.

2.Custody Service Agreement effectively executed.

Set up flow:

Process 1 (current customer, cash accounts already opened )

Process 2 (new customer, no cash yet)

Kind reminders :

1.The Customer shall make sure it aware the risks of investing in financial securities.  Enhancements of internal control and mitigation mechanisms need to be put in place in advance. 

2.Before entering into a new market, it is necessary to make in-depth investigation on the relevant applicable law/entrance requirements, tax affairs, operation process etc. and communicate with the custodian bank on time and in advance.

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