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Securities Trading Agency For European, USA and Hong Kong Market

Product Name

Broker for European, USA and Hong Kong Market

Product Description

The Bank acts as an agent for the stock exchange in European, USA and Hong Kong, including Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Paris Stock Exchange, Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Brussels Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange , NASDAQ Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and B-shares of Chinese Stock.

Target Customer

Customer must have a current account for stock trading with the Bank, and sign the “Term Sheet on Account Opening for Securities Agency” and pass “Appropriateness test to check whether the service offered by the Bank comply with the client-profile in term of knowledge and experience towards more complex and volatile financial instruments.


Valid identity documents need to be presented to the bank, sign the “Term Sheet on Account Opening for Securities Agency” and “Appropriateness test” should be passed with successful.


Customer can place order by counter or fax, but the order placed via telephone is not accepted. Due to the time difference between different trading areas including Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we do not accept the order for intraday trading placed through BOCI for the time being, and the instruction for cancellation of order is also not accepted under normal circumstances. The term of order is generally 7 business days or based on the order of customer (referring to the common business day of related stock exchange and Luxembourg, the same below), which can be extended in case of non-business day. Customers can inquire about the transactions in the order by telephone. 

Please contact us for more details.

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