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Introduction of BOC Macau

Established by the patriotic businessman Mr. Zhuang Shiping in June 1950 and formerly known as "Nam Tung Bank" in Macao, formally renamed as Bank of China Macau Branch, referred to as BOC Macau Branch on the New Year's Day in 1987 and became the 9th overseas branch of Bank of China.

Bank of China (Macau) Limited, referred to as Bank of China (Macau) started business on November 21, 2022. Bank of China has formed a new dual-license operation pattern of ‘branch + subsidiary’ in Macao, jointly providing Macao society and customers with better financial services.

BOC Macau under the support of all sectors of society for seven decades. The boasting over 40 percent of the local market share in mainstream businesses such as savings, loans, and profit, BOC Macau has always maintained the highest market share. Acting as the note-issuing bank, and the agent bank for the public treasury, the bank is also the Chairman bank of the Macao Association of Banks and the clearing bank for Hong Kong Dollar, USD Dollar, and RMB.

In addition to strengthening its operation and management, the bank insists on integrating the performance of social responsibilities into its daily work, and spares no effort in supporting Macao's education, sports, culture, and participation in society. BOC Macau was awarded the "Honorable Medal of Silver Lotus Flower" by the Macao SAR government in 2020. It gratulated the bank for its important contribution to supporting the economic development of Macao and maintaining regional financial stability and their responsibility to fight the epidemic. This is the highest honor currently awarded to enterprises by the Macao SAR government. It is also the bank that won again an important honor from the Macao SAR government after being awarded the Industrial & Commercial Merit Medal in 2010. It reflects the recognition of the Macao SAR government and the general public of Macao on the global service brand of Bank of China.

BOC Macau strongly supports and encourages its employees to integrate with local communities, participate in social and political affairs, and perform their duties as citizens. A number of its employees are also members of the Executive Council, the Legislative Assembly, the Economic Development Council, the Audit Committee, and the Advisory Council of the Monetary Authority of Macao, as well as the Talent Development Committee of the Macao SAR government. In addition, more than 10 of its employees are CPPCC members at various levels in the mainland, and over 150 of its employees are members of more than 180 local societies.

With the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the establishment of the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035, BOC Macau will insist on seizing opportunities, adhering to upholding fundamental principles and breaking new ground, forging ahead with enterprise and fortitude, accelerating the high-quality development of various businesses, and provide Macao society and customers with more comprehensive, high-quality and professional financial products and services, helping Macao social stability and economic transformation and actively make greater efforts to serve and integrate into the national development.

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