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Agent for Public Cashiers

On April 28th, 2000, Macau SAR signed a public cashier contract with Bank of China Macau Branch and Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU). From May 1st, 2000 on, Bank of China Macau Branch and BNU assume the role of public cashier for Macau SAR.

Functionally, Bank of China Macau Branch serves as one of the two government public cashiers. The main task is to process all receivable and payable items during a fiscal year, including collection of taxes for Treasury Bureau Department, settlement of various expenditures, fund transfer and process of salary for various government departments.

Bank of China Macau Branch, as an agent for public cashier of Macau SAR, provides the following services: 

  • Taxes from Treasury Bureau into government accounts.
  • Pay the settlement bills within government fiscal year issued by Treasury Bureau to other government departments or other parties concerned.
  • Receive and refund the legal guarantee/deposit of various projects and equipment bidding.
  • Open accounts and process salary for various government departments.

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