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Bank Of China MACAU Patacas Banknotes (2008 EDITION)


The new Macau Patacas Banknotes issued on 8th Aug 2008 by Bank of China are in 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10 Patacas.

Macau World Heritage sites are selected as main patterns for the front side of each denomination in order to show an architectural style of East-West cultural co-existence for several hundreds years, which is a witness to the soul of harmonious multi-culture of Macau. The main patterns of six denominations are selected in the order of history. With the four bridges of Macau on the background, the new series adopts the building of Bank of China in Macau as its main pattern of the reverses. The bridges imply the roles that Macau plays in East-West cultural communication and Macau Pataca plays in the economic development.

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