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Bank Of China MACAU Patacas Banknotes (1995 EDITION)


The front panel of the notes features some scenic spots of Macau. The back panel highlights varied patterns of lotus flowers. Together with the lotus flower watermark, the design is used to symbolise the good name of "the land of lotus flower" of Macau. It also represents the stability, peace, growth and prosperity of Macau.

The withdrawal period for the MOP10 banknotes issued in 1995 ended on May 26, 2018. Thereafter, the mentioned banknote cannot be used as a circulation currency in the market.

Intaglio Printing

The surface of banknote could give lumpy feeling of embossed carving in touch.


The Lotus image could be seen against light on both sides of banknote.

Concealed Denomination

When the face side of banknote is viewed sideways against light, the denomination numeral could be seen on the embossed carving horizontal lace at the right top corner.

Offset See-through Features

The figure “M” could be seen against light with exactly aligned printing on both sides of banknote.

Fluorescent Denomination Numeral

The denomination numeral of banknote could be seen under ultraviolet light.

Fluorescent Colours

Under ultraviolet light, the colours of image would exhibit fluorescent light.

Intaglio Micro-printing

Under magnifying glass, the denomination numeral of the banknote could be seen at the top on both sides.


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