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Mr. Wang Xiquan, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisor of Bank of China, Presided Over the Handover Ceremony of the General Manager of the Macau Branch


The Bank of China Head Office has made the decision that Mr. Li Guang, the former general Manager of the Frankfurt Branch, is a new general manager of Macau Branch in replace of Mr. Wang Shaojun. Mr. Wang Shaojun will be transferred to work in mainland China. This handover ceremony was presided over by Mr. Wang Xiquan, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisor of Bank of China. He will also pay a visit to the Chief Executive and the Government of the Macau SAR.

In the afternoon of the 27th July, a simple yet formal handover ceremony was held on the 3rd floor of the Bank of China Building. Attendees included all members of the mid to senior level of management of the Macau Branch. During the ceremony, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisor of Bank of China, Mr. Wang Xiquan recognised Mr. Wang Shaojun’s contribution to Macao and thanked him for his efforts in promoting the development of transformation in Macau Branch, as well as he played an active role in Macao’s Society and supported the development of Macau economy.

Mr. Wang Xiquan introduced Mr. Li Guang, who has a rich financial experience both within China and oversea branch. He also has a wide international vision and a wealth of management experience, which will assist the Macau Branch to seize the national opportunities and promote the Bank of China group as well as Macao’s economic growth. Mr Wang believed that Mr. Li would lead the Macau Branch to assimilate into the development of Macao’s Society, and achieve further success.

Mr. Wang Shaojun, the outgoing the Branch General Manager, was thankful for the continued support from various government institutions, clients of the bank and the general public during his post in Macao. At the same time, he also thanked all the staff of the Branch for their efforts and commitment to the bank.

Mr Li Guang stated that the role as the Macau Branch Genral Manager of the Bank of China is one with glory as well as great responsibilities. The Macau Branch will seize “The One Belt One Road” strategy, the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Construction projects and Macao’s characteristic financial industries. The Macau Branch will continue to operate in line with the law and regulations, take the advantage of Macao’s platform to make a greater contribution to promote Macao’s diversification of industries by participating in those developments, supporting the financial service platform between China and Portuguese.

Lastly, Mr. Wang Xiquan hoped the Macau Branch would implement the daily banking tasks into the economic growth of our Country and Macao to promote the economic growth and stability of Macao. With the two Branch General Managers formally signed the documents, and from 27th July onwards, Mr. Li officially fulfilled the duties of the General Manager of Macau Branch.


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