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Bank of China Invites You to Support Macau Famine


It should be everyone’s basic right to have enough to eat, yet 815 million people in this world are still starving, including 489 million living in areas affected by conflict. Behind the issue of hunger lie various forms of violence, including armed conflicts, poverty and climate change, which limit families from providing sufficient food for their children and put their lives at risk. Each number represents a precious life. We invite you to support "Macao famine" hosted by World Vision of Macau Association, to make zero hunger a reality for refugees!

This year, the theme of Macau Famine is “Hunger—Violence in Disguise”. A series of education and fundraising activities will be held from January to May, we hope to gather strength from all sectors and encourage the general public to care for the needs of refugees. Your generous donations will support World Vision to provide food, nutrition and livelihood assistance for children and families affected by conflicts in South Sudan, Myanmar and Syria.

To support the campaign, the general public can now make donations at Bank of China (BOC) branches; and customers of BOC can donate via “BOC Mobile Banking”, “BOC Online Banking (Personal)” or “BOC Express” by selecting “World Vision”, then “Special Donation”, and “Macau Famine”.

If you would like to obtain a donation receipt, please print out the online transaction record or the transaction voucher of BOC Express, and contact World Vision of Macau Association Office on 2835 2740 for an official receipt.

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