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The Greater Bay Area Volunteer Card(General Volunteers Association of Macau)

1. Product

The Greater Bay Area Volunteer Card

2. Features

2.1. Spread Love for Everyone

Bank of China Macau Branch and the General Volunteers Association of Macau (aka. GVAM) jointly issue the Greater Bay Area Volunteer Card. This card has the function of a volunteer identity card and UnionPay contactless financial payment functions of BOC Card. It is a card that provide comprehensive s public benefits, volunteer services and finance features.

At the same time, it cooperates with the Guangdong Volunteer Federation to promote the mutual recognition of the identity and hours of volunteers in the Greater Bay Area, creating a platform with sync information with the Greater Bay Area Volunteers. Also to attract more people to join the volunteer team, to escalate the strengthen and spirit of cross-region volunteers.

The card contains logos of Bank of China Macau Branch and GVAM logo, also contain personal information such as the Name of volunteers, volunteer number and QR Code, etc.

10 cents of every spending with the Card will donate to Associacao dos Familiares Encarrega dos Deficientes Mentals de Macau. The more you settle with the card, the more BOC will donate. Please put your love and care into action!

2.2. Preferential Benefits

2.2.1 Fee

Free annual fee and cost for eligible cardholders.

2.2.2 Protection

Personal and accident insurance (a year valid) provide for any brand new volunteer who apply and activate the Greater Bay Area Volunteer Card. Insurance only provides necessary coverage for voluntary service activity, include inward and outward transportation period.

Since activation, as long as the volunteer participate in voluntary service activities 3 times or above in the previous year, the insurance will automatically extend, in the same matter.

For enquiries about the quantity activities require, please contact The United General Association of Macao Community Volunteers.

Specific insurance coverages are listed below:

Accidental death or permanent disability
 100,000.00 (Up to 75 years old)
 50,000.00  (76-80 years old)
Accidental injury treatment costs
 5,000.00 (Up to 75 years old)
 1,000.00 (76-80 years old)
The minimum guaranteed age shall be subject to the GVAM announcement

2.2.3 Differentiate offers for volunteers according to voluntary activities.

2.2.4 Eligible volunteer who successfully apply and activate the card will reward with a volunteer uniform.

*Bank of China Macau Branch and GVAM reserve the rights to terminate the equity, right and benefit.

2.3 A more secured way

2.3.1. "Chips + PIN" means more secured

Data of the card is stored and encrypted in a chip [1] embedded on the front side, thus making it difficult to counterfeit and preventing fraudulent use. In addition, card transaction will be verified by PIN.

2.3.2 Overseas transaction function

Cardholders may activate/deactivate the overseas transaction function of the cards when require. If you wish to withdraw cash or make payment overseas thereafter, you may activate the overseas transaction function via BOCNET(Personal), BOC Express, BOC Macau ATMs / ATMs with JETCO logo, BOC Macau APP Services or BOC Service Hotline 888 95566. In addition, the validity period and daily withdrawal limit can be changed anytime through these channels.

2.3.3 SMS message alert

Once you make the setting of receiving the transaction messages of the account/accounts in your card whenever you settle payment with card, withdraw cash and make a transfer, etc. via self-service machines, a message will be sent to your mobile phone instantly to minimize losses even though your card may be fraudulently used by any third party.

2.4 Privilege Benefit

2.4.1 Choice of accounts and currencies of your card, no currency exchange required for transaction made in the 3 places

Both saving account, current account, foreign currencies (T/T) saving account in MOP, HKD, RMB or other foreign currencies (For balance enquiry only) can be linked to your card to suit your banking needs. For card transactions made in Macau, Hong Kong and the Mainland, the transaction amount will be deducted from the account in the same currency of the transaction [3]. Withdrawals or Spending made in the Mainland will be deducted from the RMB account; Withdrawals or Spending made in Hong Kong will be deducted from the HKD account; Withdrawals or Spending made in Macau will be deducted from the MOP account;

2.4.2 Swipe your card to enjoy all the shopping convenience worldwide

BOC Card is widely accepted by worldwide merchants displaying the "UnionPay" logo. What's more! BOC Card is mostly welcome by merchants in the Mainland, including gas stations, supermarkets and hospitals.

2.4.3 No overseas Transaction fees for transaction made overseas

You will enjoy the fun of shopping more all around the world and free of the hassle of paying lots of overseas transaction fees.

2.5. Mobile Payment

The card can be connected with BOC Macau APP Services, and pay via barcode. Support mobile payment such as BOC Macau APP Services UnionPay QR Code/Union Pay QR Code, Apple Pay and Huawei Pay.

2.6 The Banking Service for You

2.6.1 Present your card for service at the counter, no passbook required

Simply present your card at our service counter and we will be at your service even without your savings book.

2.6.2 Combined account balance for your convenience

3. Standard functions

3.1 Core functions

3.1.1 Cash withdrawals

Withdrawals can be made at ATMs linked to JETCO network in Macau and Hong Kong and UnionPay network all around the world. The daily cash withdrawal limit for each card depends on the withdrawal and transfer limit setting by the customer.

3.1.2 Transfers

For fund transfers made at ATMs linked to JETCO network in Macau and BOC Express, the transfer limit between the bank accounts in the same card is unlimited; while the transfer limit to the accounts, which are not in your card, depends on the withdrawal and transfer limit setting by the customer. (Combined with the daily limit of cash withdrawals). Any exchanges made related to RMB will be subject to the rules and regulations of RMB.

3.1.3 Balance enquiry

3.1.4 Making Payments of credit card balance, DSF tax, phone, electricity and water bills and sim card top up

3.1.5 Non-cash transactions and donations via BOC Express

3.1.6 Cash deposit, credit card repayment and sim card top up via Cash Deposit Machines ("CDM")

3.2 Automatic teller machines services

Making withdrawals and other banking services via our ATMs or ATMs linked to JETCO network or UnionPay network 24-hour a day [4].

4. Eligible Customers

4.1. Registered as an eligible volunteer at GVAM, the application requirements shall be subject to GVAM.

4.2 For applicant under the age of 18, guardian is required to visit any sub-branches together with the applicant for an account opening before register at the system of GVAM for application.

4.3 For applicants holding a Hong Kong ID card, Mainland ID or foreign passport, applicants are required to visit any sub-branches for an account opening before register at the system of GVAM for application.

Please contact our BOC service hotline 888 95566 for any support document enquiry.

5. Application Documents

5.1 Please note for any personal data that registered on the system of GVAM will disclosed and transferred to the Guangdong Volunteer Federation for volunteer mutual recognition and measurements.

5.2 For applicants did not hold any saving accounts; three default accounts will open (included MOP, HKD, and foreign currency account). Moreover, if saving accounts exist, card will open with default account without any account update or limit change.

6. Application procedure

Eligible volunteer is required to register on the system of GVAM, fill in the application form and upload relevant support documents. A verification sms will provide from GVAM for identification verify, for becoming one the volunteer members. Approximately take up to 2 weeks for an eligible card application, a notification will also provide for card collection.

Scan below QR Code, to become GVAM members and apply for the "The Greater Bay Area Volunteer Card"

For any enquiry, please contact the secretary of GVAM, Tel: 2872 0120


[1] The validity period of the chip card is 10 years.

[2] To register for the SMS message alert service, you must have a valid Macau mobile phone number.

[3] When transaction amount is larger than the bank account in the same currency, the balance of the account in the same currency will be deducted first and the excess amount will be deducted from other account in other currency after currency exchange. For withdrawals and purchases payment transactions made overseas, the transaction amount will be deducted from the MOP, HKD and RMB account in that order to minimize cardholders' loss in exchange.

[4] Jetco Payment function support.

[5] The Bank reserves the right to revise the overseas transaction fees applicable to withdrawals made at ATM linked to JETCO network and other networks in regions outside of Macau.

[6] A international service fee will be charges if you press "confirm" to proceed with the withdrawal transaction when a message popped up showing "This is an international transaction and service charges will apply" or in similar wordings.

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