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BOC Multi-currency Wealth Credit Card

Multi-currency Welcomed worldwide

Visa+UnionPay The best credit card mix for international travel

Foreign Transaction Fee waived on non-MOP currencies payments made around the world

UnionPay Wealth Card

Visa Wealth Card


BOC UnionPay Wealth Card and Visa Wealth Card are multi-currency credit cards specially designed to cater for customers of BOC Prestigious Wealth Management and Wealth Management to experience the lofty and noble lifestyle, in addition to the privilege to enjoy priority banking services at all BOC network offices around the world. To enhance card safety, card information of these Wealth Cards is stored and encrypted in a chip which cannot be imitated and stolen easily.


1. Security Comes First

1.1 More protection for your credit card

To enhance security of cards, the magnetic stripes of all Wealth Cards have been disabled. You may settle payment or advance cash with the Wealth Cards at merchants with EMV chip-enabled terminals in Macau or overseas.

1.2 The brand new transaction limit setting

In addition to the credit limit of your card, transaction limit can be set according to your special needs for added safety.

1.3 Set individual credit limit for each of your credit cards

If you have more than one BOC multi-currency credit cards, credit limit of each card will be set individually according to your personal needs.

1.4 Instant message alert

To register for the message alert service, you must have a Macau mobile phone number bound with the BOC WeChat Banking (WeChat ID: BOC88895566) in order to receive the messages which will be sent automatically once any point of sales, cash advance or payment transactions are made with card, or in case of any card status changes.

1.5 One-time password to increase security

For added safety, whenever you make an online purchase at a Visa (VBV) or UnionPay (UPOP) enabled website, you will receive a one-time security code which expires in a specified time through your mobile phone to authenticate the transaction.

2. Sincere Respect and Heartfelt Compassion

2.1 Your Relationship Manager

Our Relationship Managers will be standing by at your service for all your banking needs, leaving you more free time to enjoy life.

2.2 Free access to Macau Airport VIP Lounge

Holders of a Wealth Card, either main or additional card, may enjoy free access to the Macau Airport VIP Lounge together with one traveling companion for a maximum of 3 hours per visit.

2.3 Priority Pass for airport VIP lounges around the world

Holders of a Wealth Card, either main or additional card, are eligible for a free Priority Pass which will provide you entry to over 700 airport VIP lounges located at over 400 cities across 120 countries, whereas BOC Private Banking customers will enjoy unlimited free visits to airport lounges and BOC Prestigious Wealth Management and Wealth Management customers 2 free visits in the first year. From the second year onward, for spending of MOP60,000 or above in the last calendar year, the cardholder will be entitled to 3 free visits and for spending of MOP100,000 or above, 6 free visits.


[1] Please visit website, or download Smartphone Apps ‘Priority Pass’ to find locations of airport lounges and get the latest details about the airport lounges of Priority Pass.

[2]Starting from March 23, 2018, the annual accumulation period of priority card is paired with the card issued date of BOC Multi-currency Visa Credit Card applied. The initial accumulation period is calculated from the card issued date to the end of month next year. The accumulation period will be update annually by the start of card issued month plus 1.

3. Privileges

3.1 Foreign Transaction Fee waived

We have waived the Foreign Transaction Fee charged on payments made in non-MOP currencies around the world with BOC Multi-Currency Visa Credit Card. Travel and shop hassle free from now on!

3.2 Free Travel Insurance

No application required. Simply swipe your card for any purchase payment to be eligible for free Travel Insurance (Basic Plan) while you are traveling abroad.

Remarks: Travel Insurance underwritten by China Taiping Insurance (Macau) Company Limited.

3.3 Reward points converted into cash

The accumulated total of purchase payments and cash advances made with your credit card will be converted to gift points on a MOP 1:1 basis. Every 200 points will be converted to MOP 1 by the end of each quarter automatically. Remaining balance of less than 200 points will be carried forward to the next quarter.

Remarks: Gift points reward does not apply to tax payments, withdrawal of debit balance from card, UnionPay Card transactions in the Mainland, nor transactions made for purchase of properties, cars, air tickets, gasoline, wholesale goods, paying hospitalization fees, tuition fees, other types of transaction or as announced by the Bank from time to time.

3.4 Annual Fee Waiver

Annual fee of the credit card will be waived permanently.

3.5 Interest-Free Statement Installment Plan

All retail transactions in your credit card statement can be repaid by 24 monthly interest-free installments. Only a handling fee will apply. You can apply via BOCNET (Personal) or BOC Service Hotline at 888 95566. The application will be approved immediately via BOCNET (Personal). Let your cash flow be more flexible. For enquiry, please refer to the BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card Statement Installment Plan .

4. Electronic Lifestyle

4.1 E-statement

View your monthly statements for the last 12 months online anytime via BOCNET (Personal), BOC Mobile Banking and BOC WeChat Banking. You can also download e-statement via BOCNET (Personal).

4.2 Repay by our Autopay Service

Our Autopay Service is convenient, safe and easy to use. Cardholders may choose to pay your credit card monthly balance, either in full or minimum, by setting up your autopay instruction anytime via BOCNET(Personal).

4.3 Various repayment channels

You may repay your credit card monthly balances through various banking channels, including via BOCNET(Personal), BOC Mobile Banking Services, BOC WeChat Banking, Cash Deposit Machines(“CDM”), ATMs, by Autopay Service, BOC Service Hotline at 888 95566, at the counter and by cheques, etc.

5. Travel around the world

UnionPay Credit Cards are welcome by UnionPay merchants all around the world. Not to mention that it is the credit card mostly welcomed by numerous UnionPay merchants in Mainland China. Visa cards are widely accepted by merchants displaying the VISA logo around the world.

Cardholders who need to advance cash may do so at ATMs displaying the UnionPay/VISA logos all over the world.

*The possibility of using password to authenticate transactions will depend on the settings of the POS terminal of the merchants.

**Cash advances are subject to restrictions on cash advance and currency of local banks.

Start Smart

The cardholder can choose “PIN + signature” or “Signature Only” to verify all retail transactions of UnionPay card in Macau, Hong Kong and the Mainland. Transactions made with the UnionPay Wealth Card in the Mainland will be settled in RMB, while all transactions made locally in Macau or overseas will be settled in MOP. For easy viewing, transactions of MOP and RMB will be shown separately in your monthly statement.

Eligible customers

1. BOC Multi-currency UnionPay or Visa Wealth Card is available for customers invited by the Bank only.

2. Customers of BOC Prestigious Wealth Management and Wealth Management may apply for BOC Multi-currency Credit Card to enjoy the same banking services and privileges of Wealth Cards.

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