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Year of Horse e-Wallet Card (2014) (Deadline of Issuance:2021.1.1)

To celebrate the Year of Horse, Bank of China Macau Branch (“BOC” or “The Bank”) launches the BOC Year of Horse e-Wallet Card (“The Card”). The design of the Card has utilized red color in the theme. Imprinted on the front side of the Card is the Chinese Zodiac Horse incorporating with those elements on commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macau SAR Government, thus making this Card an item of high collection significance.

In traditional Chinese culture, horse and peony (paeonia suffruticosa) symbolize prosperous, flourishing and auspicious, while auspicious clouds symbolize auspicious meaning of “from the same origin and in good harmony”. The front side of the Card has incorporated the large-flowered, bright and beautiful peony and auspicious clouds into a sturdy steed to express our auspicious wish of “taking the lead”, “carrying out our mission quickly”. The other side of the Card features the five stars and a lotus, which is the floral emblem of Macau and symbolizes purity and wisdom. With the lotus, illustrated with a character-shape word, rising up on top of the five stars, the design of the card face fully demonstrates the cheerfulness of the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macau SAR Government and symbolizes Macau will continue to prosper and flourish.  

1. Sales Period : From now until February 28, 2014

2. Selling Price

MOP120/card with topped up value of MOP100. Available for sale at all sub-branches of the Macau Branch.

3. User Guide

3.1 Participating Merchants

This Card is welcome by over 1000 supermarkets and merchants displaying the UnionPaylogo (or old version logo “”), including Royal, San Mui, New Yaohon, Tai Fung and Sunsco Flower City supermarkets. For detailed information, please click List of UnionPay - QuickPay merchants

3.2 Recharge Channels

This Card can be recharged through over 150 BOC Express or BOC Cash Deposit Machines (“CDM”) up to a maximum of MOP1,000. Details of the recharge channels are as follows:

3.2.1 Recharge through BOC Express

After selecting “e-Wallet” on the main page, follow instruction shown on the touch-screen, i.e. to place the Card on the card reader, insert your BOC Tri-currency Debit Card, select “currency” of the e-Wallet and input the recharge amount. Finally, touch “Confirm” to complete.

3.2.2 If an account has been pre-set for this purpose, the Card can be recharged with the pre-set account or by “Quick Recharge” in the pre-set amount without the BOC Tri-currency Debit Card.

3.2.3 Recharge through CDM : Insert the Card, select “Recharge by Cash” and the currency of the e-Wallet, then insert the banknotes. Press “Confirm” to complete the recharging Process.

3.2.4 Recharge at the counters of all sub-branches.

3.3 Rechargeable

This is a dual-currency dual-Wallet card, consisting of a MOP e-wallet and a RMB e-Wallet. The balances of these 2 e-Wallets are independent of each other and can be recharged up to a maximum of MOP/RMB1,000 each.

3.4 A borderless and green way to pay

Simply tap and go at the point of sales machines of the merchants displaying a logo (or old version logo ) with Card without the need to input a PIN. Payment transactions made in Macau and Hong Kong will be deducted from the MOP e-Wallet; while payments in the Mainland will be deducted from the RMB e-Wallet. The maximum amount deductible will be the same as the remaining balance of each e-Wallet.  

3.5 Electronic balance enquiry channels - Simple and Easy

Balances of both wallets can be enquired through any BOC EXPRESS machines and CDMs. The balance will be shown in the process of recharging or printed on the bottom of each sales slip.

4. Customer Services

4.1 Card Replacement

The Card is valid for ten (10) years. During the validity period, malfunctioned or damaged card can be replaced at any BOC sub-branches (Card type available for replacement will be subject to the decision of the Bank). The remaining balance of the malfunctioned or damaged card will be credited to the replacement card after a designated period of time.

4.2 Refund

Refund of the remaining balance can be arranged at any sub-branches of the Bank whenever the cardholder decides not to use the Card anymore.

4.3 Loss of Card

The Card is unregistered and the stored value of the e-wallet is equivalent to cash, therefore, it cannot be reported lost. Please keep the Card in a safe place at all times.

4.4 Friendly reminder

Cardholder shall prevent the Card from being:

4.4.1 folded, altered or scratched;

4.4.2 kept in places with high humidity or temperature (e.g. inside an airtight and hot interior of a vehicle);

4.4.3 applied to a card reader together with other contactless smartcards or electronic products.

4.4.4 Use of the Card shall be governed by the Terms of Service for the e-Wallet Cards of Bank of China Limited, Macau Branch, please visit our official website for details.

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