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The “Friends of IACM” Membership Card(Expired)


The “Friends of IACM” Membership Card (“The Card”) is a multiple membership card embedded with an UnionPay e-Wallet function. The cardholders may present/use their Cards to obtain related IACM information, register for activities for various memberships, reserve the uses of facilities, pay fees at various acknowledged service centers of IACM and make payments at participating merchants with in Macau, Hong Kong and the Mainland. The e-Wallet in the Card can be topped-up and is convenient, secure and environmentally friendly.

1. Remarks:

1.1 The cardholders may present their valid membership cards to enjoy IACM privileges (if any), earn bonus points and redeem gifts. All bonus points will be forfeited upon the termination of the membership. For further information, please refer to the rules of IACM memberships.

1.2 For other detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the Conditions of Use of this membership card. IACM reserves the right to revise the conditions and the final decision.

1.3 Use of the UnionPay e-Wallet function of the Card shall be bound by the related terms and conditions of Bank of China Macau Branch.

2. Customer Services

2.1 Card Replacement

The e-Wallet function of the Card is valid for ten (10) years. During the validity period, malfunctioned or damaged cards can be replaced at various service centers of IACM. The remaining balance of the malfunctioned or damaged card will be credited to the replacement card after a designated period of time.

2.2 Loss of Card

The Card is unregistered and the stored value of the e-wallet is equivalent to cash, therefore, it cannot be reported lost. Please keep the Card in a safe place at all times.

Please contact IACM for more details about the terms and services of "Friends of IACM" membership card.

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