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BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card Merchant Installment Plan

(Revised in Dec, 2022)

1. Definition of merchant Installment

The retail transactions in your credit card made by designated installment merchants can be repaid by maximally 24 monthly interest-free installments. Handling fee will be waived.

2. Application Method

Cardholder can apply in the designated installment merchants.

3. Features

3.1 Choice of Installment Periods

Applicant can choose the installment periods the designated merchants provide.

3.2 Changes not allowed

The amount and number of the installments cannot be changed once the application has been approved by cardholder's confirmation of Terms and Conditions and signature on the receipt.

4. Terms and conditions

4.1 The applicant must be a BOC Multi-Currency credit card cardholder.

4.2 The status of the credit card account and the card must be active.

4.3 The credit card must have sufficient credit limit to pay for the total amount of the installment plan. Temporary increased credit limit cannot be used in this case.


Terms and Conditions for BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card Merchant Installment Plans ( December, 2022) 

1. Bank of China (Macau) Limited (the "Bank") has the authority to decide the transaction type and approve the installment payment items (including but not limited to products, trans. amount, installment duration, etc.) of the merchant's installment plan (the "plan"), and to change any of the eligible criteria without prior notice to cardholders.

2. Cardholders need to apply for installment instantly during the purchase of goods at the merchants, and it shall prevail when the Bank receives the applications and documents.

  • a) Application criteria: i) During applying for the installment plan, the total of installment payment amount must be within the installment credit limit of the credit card.  ii) Credit card must be at normal conditions without arrear or late payment.  iii) Cardholders must not violate any credit card terms and conditions.
  • b) Explanations will not be given regarding the failure of the application for the installment plan.
  • c) Cardholders cannot cancel or change the installment payment plan once it is approved.

3. There must be sufficient permanent credit limit for customer to pay in full during first acquirement. Temporary credit limit increase is not acceptable for installment handling.

4. After the approval for the application, the amount needed to be paid in full installment will be deducted from the available installment credit limit and available credit limit. After payment of the installment, the installment credit limit and credit limit will recover correspondingly according to the payment amount.

  • a) Every installment amount and processing fee will be recorded and listed on the monthly statement of credit card
  • b) Installment payments are deducted on an equal monthly basis, rounded up to a whole from the account. If the total amount cannot be segregated into whole, the remaining balance will be debited on the first transaction.
  • c) Cardholders need to pay the installment and processing fee before the due day according to the bank statement.

5. The remaining balances and the unpaid processing fee need to be repaid immediately if the cardholder decides to terminate this plan or cancel the credit card during the installment period. Additionally, if the cardholder is going to repay in prior, written consent must be provided and early payment can only be permitted after the bank has received and approved with consent. Otherwise, early payment is not acceptable.

6. If arrears occur in the credit card account, the bank retains the power to terminate the plan and request the cardholder to repay the full payment, interest, processing fee and other charges immediately.

7. Consent will be given to customers if the bank at any time discretionally decides to terminate or suspend the installment program. The bank has the authority to decide to:

  • a) Record all or part of the installment amount that has not been approved yet or installment amount and processing fee that has already been approved but not being recorded into the credit card at any time, and/or
  • b) Require the cardholder to pay for the accrued expenses immediately according to the terms and conditions, regardless of whether the expenses has been listed on the bank statement or whether the expenses has met the due date while being requested.

8. The bank is only responsible for arranging the installment; and does not take any liability to the products or services provided by suppliers and sales.

9. Prior notice will be provided to customers if any terms of the installment plan have changed. With any disputes, the bank reserves the right for the final decision.

10. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and the English version of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.



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