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Privacy Policy and Important Notices


Privacy Policy

Bank of China Limited, Macau Branch (the "Bank") strictly complies with the confidentiality obligations under the Macau SAR Decree-Law No. 32/93/M “Financial System Act”, law No.8/2005 “Personal Data Protection Act” and other relevant law and regulations, and strives to protect the privacy of the data subjects. No data will be disclosed, sold or exchanged to any third party unless consent of the data subject has been obtained or permitted by law.

A. Collection of data subject’ categories, data types and purposes of data processing

The Bank collects and processes your data under the law, regulations, supervisory requirements or upon your consent, and will provide the relevant data to the following parties for various purposes as set out below.

(I) Data of the Bank’s customers

1. Category of data subject: the Bank’s customers.

2. Types of data:
(1) Personal data: including without limitation to the customer’s name, date of birth, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, identification document, audio and visual information etc.;
(2) Transaction information: information collected by the Bank in the process of dealing with the customer’s transactions, including without limitation to deposits, credit cards and other financial transactions etc.

3. Purposes and uses of data processing:
(1) To establish, maintain, evaluate, manage, improve and implement the financial services or credit facilities provided by the Bank to the customer;
(2) To disclose for discharging the Bank’s obligations under the law or regulatory requirements binding on the Bank;
(3) To ensure the customers to maintain reliable creditability;
(4) To send to customers marketing and promotional information in relation to the Bank’s products, services and promotions;
(5) To enforce obligations of the customers to the Bank, such as debt collection;
(6) To provide by the Bank as the paying bank copy of payment receipt to the drawer (such copy may contain data of the payee);
(7) To deliver lists of customers to the transferee in case of transfer or merger of the Bank;
(8) To protect legitimate interests of the Bank;
(9) Any purposes associated with, consequential to or related with any of the above.

(II) Data of Internet browsers / mobile banking browsers / WeChat Banking browsers

1. Category of data subject: Internet browsers/ mobile banking browsers/ WeChat Banking browsers;

2. Types of data:
(1)Browser’s domain name, IP address, location, date and time of browsing, web-pages visited, information sent or received, anonymous collective statistics information, domain name hyperlinked to this website via other websites; the identity of browsers identified by the Bank via Cookies without collecting the browser’ s identifiable personal data such as account number and password etc..
(2) Status, electronic reply record, identity code or QR code of mobiles or device facilities;
(3) Open ID of WeChat.

3. Purposes and uses of data processing:
(1) To analyze statistics, to count and compile the number of browsers and information viewed, so as to understand, ensure and improve the quality of services;
(2) To provide services and information, including information on ATMs and branches of the Bank in the proximity of the location of the browser;
(3) To ensure data safety and for security purpose.

(III) Data of job applicants / employees

1. Category of data subject: job applicants / employees.

2. Types of data:
(1) Personal data, including without limitation to the name, telephone number, email address, educational background, resume and other information;
(2) Audio information collected when recording phone is used;
(3) Audio and visual information collected when passing through the Bank’s video surveillance equipment.

3. Purposes and uses of data processing:
(1) Applicant’s data will be used to assess and deal with the suitability for the relevant job application;
(2) Employee’s data will be used for employment relationship, employee performance evaluation and relevant human resources management;
(3) To protect legitimate interests of the Bank.

(IV) Data of other data subjects

1. Category of data subject: persons who make enquiries, reports, complaints or investigations.

2. Types of data:
(1) Personal data, such as name, telephone number, email address etc.;
(2) Audio information collected when recording phone is used;
(3) Audio and visual information collected when passing through the Bank’s video surveillance equipment.

3. Purposes and uses of data processing:
(1) To handle enquiries, reports, complaints and investigations;
(2) To protect legitimate interests of the Bank.

B. Recipients of data

(I) The Bank;

(II) Members of the Bank’s group;

(III) Regulatory bodies, Judiciary, public entities;

(IV) Counter parties of the Bank in discharging its legal obligations (e.g. any persons, organizations etc.);

(V) Counter parties approved by the data subject;

(VI) Other credit institutions, exchanges, clearing houses;

(VII) Service providers of the Bank;

(VIII) Debt collection agencies or debt collection companies;

(IX) Drawers;

(X) Transferees of the Bank;

(XI) Other relevant organizations or persons with confidentiality obligation towards the Bank.

C. Rights of the data subject

Under Article 10 to 12 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have rights including the right to information, right to access, right to make correction and right to object, and such rights may be exercised by filling in the designated forms provided by the Bank applied in writing or in a way designated by the Bank. The Bank may charge a fee for any request to access the data.

D. Transfer of data

Subject to Article 19 to 20 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Bank will transfer the data of the customers out of Macau.

E. Period for keeping data

The Bank will keep the data of customers until it is no longer necessary to serve the purposes for the collection of such data or upon expiry of statutory limitation of period for such storage.

F. Security of data

The Bank protects the personal data of customers by adopting security technology and management measures for privacy protection and by restricting access so that only authorized employees could access, view or process personal data of customers.

The Bank engages third party representatives to process personal data in or outside Macau for and on behalf of the Bank. The Bank will take prudent and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality and security of the data of customers.

Important Notices

A. The information, services and products provided by this website are not open to all jurisdictions. Only persons who have been permitted by applicable law are entitled to view such information and/or accept such services and products. You are responsible to ensure that you are aware of and comply with the law binding on you, or that you are permitted to view such information in your jurisdiction. The Bank reserves the finial discretion to decide whether any person is eligible to obtain or use certain information, product or service.

B. Any information or contents provided in this website are for reference only and are provided on an “as is” basis, such information and contents shall not be treated as the Bank’s offer, invitation to treat, subscription solicitation or proposal. Any person shall not make any decision by relying on the relevant contents, and shall seek professional advice from independent third parties before making any investment or financial decision or subscribing any product or applying for any services.

C. The Bank will endeavor to ensure the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information and contents provided, however, it has no obligation to warrant the relevant information including without limitation to its merchantability, ownership, fitness for a particular purpose, immunity to computer virus, non-infringement, compatibility, security, accuracy and completeness. Relevant information can be deleted, revised or renewed at anytime without notice.

D. To the extent permitted by law, the Bank shall not be liable for any direct, consequential, special or incidental losses whether in whole or in part due to any person’s using, relying on or failing to use this program (including the information or contents of this website), or for any error, interruption, operational delay, incomplete transfer, connection or system failure, computer virus or similar problems.

E. The Bank does not guarantee or assume any responsibility on the accuracy, functionality or performance of any third-party software used in this website.

F. The hyperlinks provided in this website are not recommendation or guarantee of the Bank on such websites, such third-party websites are not affiliated whatsoever with the Bank. When you are directed to other websites via the website of the Bank, you have left the website of the Bank and the Bank’s privacy policy is no longer applicable, and the Bank shall assume any liability for any such third-party websites.

G. Transmission of information in the public network involves certain risks. Your information may be obtained or used by unauthorized third parties. As such, you should pay special attention to the security of the public network you use, and avoid transmitting information by using any unsecured public network. While the Bank takes appropriate security measures for this website with the aim to ensure the security and confidentiality of information transmitted via this website, for protection of your personal privacy and fund security, you should take protective measures including without limitation to the following:

(I) Please properly keep your online banking login name and password, make changes on a regular basis, and do not disclose to any person (including the staff of the Bank), so as to prevent unauthorized use of your information;

(II) Do not use online banking services on shared computers at public places (such as cafes or airports) or on multi-user mobile devices;

(III) In case you have to use online banking services at public places, you should not choose to use public WIFI, so as to ensure using online banking services by connecting to stable telecommunication network and transmitting information safely;

(IV) When logging in online banking, make sure no one else is watching, so as to avoid disclosing your information;

(V) When using online banking, do not simultaneously open other browsers or visit other websites;

(VI) Each time when you login to online banking, please check the records of last time login and log out;

(VII) Upon logging in, please do not leave it idle;

(VIII) Each time when you finish using online banking, you must “Log out” and clear the browser’s temporary and historical data;

(IX) Do not leave the computer, mobile or device before logging out of online banking;

(X) Account balances and transaction records should be checked on a regular basis;

(XI) Do not use online banking services via any hyperlink provided by email or Internet search engine;

(XII) Do not open an email and its attachment in case you are not sure about the sender or have any doubt about its source;

(XIII) Make sure that genuine anti-virus and anti-spyware software, firewall and security program have been installed in your computer or device, update the same on a regular basis, and carry out data protection and backup, scan and clear up virus or other destructive items, so as to avoid being attacked by computer virus or any unauthorized access;

(XIV) If you find anything suspicious, please contact the Bank.

H. The online banking services of the Bank are connected via the Internet services provided by an independent service provider, which is not an agent of the Bank. The Bank shall not be liable for any problem due to the services provided by such independent service provider.

Bank of China Limited, Macau Branch. All rights reserved. Service hotline: (853) 888 95566.
Version 23, July 2015

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