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To enhance the role of Macau as aSino-Portuguesecommercial services platform, between China and Portuguese-speaking countries we are dedicated to promote the use of RMB in the Portuguese-speaking countries so that our corporate customers involved in international trade may better manage theirforeign exchange risks.


Corporate Business
Syndicatedand clubLoan
Loan Commitment
Term Loan/Revolving Credit Facility
Leveraged Loan
Acquistion Loan/Bridging Loans
Treasury Operations
CNY Spot Exchange Transaction
CNY Forward Exchange Transaction
CNY Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) Transaction
Plain Vanilla Interest Rate Swap
Cross Currency Swap
Debt Capital Market Product
Settlements and Trade Finance
Export L/C Advising
Transfer letter of credit
Export Invoicediscounting
Packing Loans
Export Bill Collection
Export Bill Negotiation/Discount
Export Bill Purchase
Letter of Credit
Import Invoice Financing
Import Collection
Back-to-Back L/C
Import financing under L/C or Trust Receipt
Special Porducts for customers in the Portuguese-speaking Countries
RMB Deposits
Payment in RMB
RMB Remittance Transfer
Sale of Credit Asset

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For more information aboutthe financial products and services for international trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries, please contact our relationship managers.

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