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Fixed Deposit

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Fixed Deposit


Fixed Deposit services are provided by Bank of China Macau Branch. The tenor and interest rate are mutually agreed on the deposit date (the interest rate is fixed and no withdrawals are accepted during the period). The interest will be settled on the maturity date. Time deposit provides customers with a relatively higher interest rate than savings account with the same deposit term. Furthermore, deposit tenor is flexible, satisfying every customer's requirements, and auto-renewal services are also available.

The following types of time deposit are available:

Currency Tenor Minimum Deposit Amount
MOP/HKD 1,2,3,6,12,18,24Months MOP/HKD 10,000
7 days MOP/HKD 200,000
USD(T/T) 1,2,3,6,12 Months USD 1,000
7 days Equivalent HKD 500,000
Other Currencies(T/T) (GBP、AUD、NZD、EUR、CAD、JPY、CHF) 1,2,3,6 Months GBP、AUD、NZD、EUR、CAD、CHF minimum deposit amount is 1,000
JPY minimum deposit amount is 500,000
7 days Equivalent HKD 500,000
CNY 1,2,3,6,12 Months CNY 5,000
7 days Equivalent HKD 500,000

Eligible Applicants

Sole proprietors, limited companies, government agencies, societies and schools.

Documents Required

Sole proprietors:

1. Identification document of business owner;

2. Valid business registration or M1 and M7/M8(latest Business Tax Demand Note);

3. Business address and the address proof.

Limited companies:

1. Identification documents of shareholders or directors;

2. Identification documents of authorised signatories;

3. Articles of association and valid business registration;

4. M1and M7/M8(latest Business Tax Demand Note);

5. Minutes of shareholders’ or board of directors’ meeting;

6. Corporation address and the address proof.


1. Identification documents of all authorized signatories;

2. Official Gazette published the Article of association as a support of society establishment and Certificate of the Leadership Structure issued by the Identification Services Bureau;

3. Society Address and the address proof.


1. Certificate issued by Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau;


2. Identification documents of all authorised signatories;

3. Identification document/registration information of the licensed entity representative.

For more information, please contact our Service Hotline 888 95566.

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