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Account Receivable Loan


SME Account Receivable Loan


SME Account Receivable Loan is designed for the suppliers/service providers of large enterprises to meet their short-term financial needs. We understand that being a SME, cash flow management is one of the key issues and may be tightening up from time to time due to the fact that the cash in-flow and out-flow schedules may not be matched.

The shortage of cash in turn will affect the daily business operations and development. To facilitate you in managing of your business’ cash-flow, we provide the best solution with a simplified application process for your esteemed company.


A stand-by solution for the small and medium sized enterprises to improve their short-term cash flow management, especially for those who has established a “steady customer-supplier relationship” with designated large enterprises in Macau. Simply present your invoice after delivery of goods/service, your short-term cash flow problem will be handled.

Choice of Loan Currency: MOP or HKD

Loan Type: Term Loan (Revolving)

Repayment Method: Repay principal plus interest upon maturity

Loan Amount: Up to HKD8.5 million.

Tenor: One year renewable.

Eligible Customers

Commercial entity (Sole-proprietorship) or limited company registered in Macau.

Documents required

Please submit the following documents together with your application:

1. Declaration form of Start/Alternation of Activity of Industrial Contribution (M1), or Receipt of Industrial Contribution (M7 or M8), Notification of Determination of Supplementary Income Tax (M5), valid Business Registration Certificate and Professional Practice Certificate for professional applicants.

2. Copies of identification documents of shareholders of corporation/limited company.

3. A permanent business address in Macau. Additional proof documents must be provided if the business address cannot be related to the type of business the company is registered for.

4. Copy of supplier or service provider’s contract signed with enterprises recognized by the bank.

5. If the applicant does not keep any accounting records, copies of the bank statements with major bankers (for a minimum of six months) will be required in place of financial statements.

6. Fill out a BOC SME Account Receivable Loan Application Form.

7. Applicant of SME Credit Guarantee Scheme should also submit the relevant document required by the Scheme.

Remarks: All application is subject to the final approval of the Bank.

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