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Project Link Financing


SME Project Link Financing


SME Project Link Financing is designed in response to the financial needs of the contractors who are undertaking a government project. It is useful as working capital or bid bonds/performance bonds for the contractors. Upon approval, a one-year credit limit will be granted and it can be renewed annually.


To meet the financial need of SME contractors.

Loan Currency



Construction period + 3 months

Eligible Customer

Local SME contractors

Application requirement

1. A legal entity in Macau and a recognized government project constructor/contractor.

2. For government project main contractor only.

3. Single project valued at MOP10 million or below.

Application procedure

SME Project Link Financing is limited to suit the needs of contractors when they are undertaking a government project by offering different types of Guarantees/Bonds or project finance. Funds can be withdrawn under the pre-approved credit limit with the submission of the tender document /the offer letter or the contract of the project.

Remark: The above terms and conditions will be subject to the final approval of the Bank.

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