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In conjunction to the policy of the Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region to support the business development of small and medium sized enterprises and ease your financing difficulties, SME Easy Money is designed, based on the requirements of your business development (i.g. increase of working capital, increase level of stock, purchase of office equipment and office renovation, etc.), to be the best solution for solving your financing problem.


SME Easy Money is a simple way for you to finance your business. You will not need to provide a third party guarantee or a security. Best of all, it is designed to work in conjunction to the "SME Credit Guarantee Scheme" and the "Interest Subsidized Scheme on Bank Loans to Enterprises".

Loan Limit

Up to MOP∕HKD 7,000,000


Up to 5 years

Eligible Customers

Small and medium sized enterprises in Macau

Application Requirement

1. Must be legal entities in Macau SAR

2. Sole proprietorship commercial entity owned by any Macau residents or limited company with 50% or more of the shares owned by Macau residents.

3. In appropriate operational, financial and corporative condition.

Application Procedure

1. After the completion of the loan application form, the preliminary approval process will be finished within two working days. The applicant will be informed whether the application is officially accepted.

2. Applicants should submit all required documents specified in the application form once the application is officially accepted. Applicants will be informed of the approval result within 5 working days. For those applicants who would like to apply for the "SME Credit Guarantee Scheme" / "Interest Subsidized Scheme on Bank Loans to Enterprises" of the Macao Economic Services Department, special arrangement will be made by the bank to facilitate the relevant application procedures with the government.

Remarks: The terms of loans will be subject to the final approval of the bank.

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