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Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Comprehensive Banking Services

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Comprehensive Banking Services are provided by Bank of China Limited Macau Branch. Our professional SME banking experts are fully dedicated to provide you our one-stop service to meet your financial needs. We pride ourselves in listening your needs and offering the best solutions you need to succeed in your every stage of business development.

1. Service for: Sole proprietorship commercial entity or limited company in Macau

2.Service Features

(1)Our multi-faceted cash management service helps your company manage your cash flows more effectively.

(2)Our diversified and flexible loan facility will help you improve your cash flows, allowing you to seize every possible business opportunities.

(3)We provide comprehensive insurance packages to help you to balance out the operational risks so that your company and employees can be better protected.

(4) Our services are in line with SME Schemes of the SAR Government.

3. BOC SME serves your needs:

Your need…

We provide

What is the best cash management solution for my business?

At BOC, your daily banking needs can be easily handled through various banking channels including our 24-hours e-Banking Service and branch network, so that you can handle the financial management efficiently.
1.   Savings  
2.   Corporate Online Banking
3.   Personal Online Banking  
4.   Remittance
5.   Acquiring service
6.   BOC integrated cash management for enterprises  
7.   Batch Payment  
8.   Fees Collection Service

How BOC can help me to expand and transform?

To cater for your business development needs, we will tailor-make credit facilities and plans for you so you will grow faster than ever.
1.  Mortgage Easy
2.   Easy Money
3.   Tailor-make credit facilities

How to balance out risks of my business?

Comprehensive insurance plans and packages can be provided to give you the peace of mind while you focus on your business development plans.
1.  Fire Insurance
2.  Employee's Compensation Insurance  
3.  Public Liability Insurance
4.  Motor Insurance
5.  Contractors' All Risk Insurance

How can I apply for The SME Schemes of the SAR Government?


Our professional team is your consultant, happy to assist you in applying for government support programs. We can help you with:
1.   Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Enterprise Upgrading and Development  
2.   SME Credit Guarantee Scheme
3.   SME Credit Guarantee Scheme designated for special projects
4.   Learn more about government policies and market information

4. BOC provides services for you:

Cash Management Loan Insurance
Corporate Online Banking SME Schemes of the SAR Government Employee's Compensation Insurance
Personal Online Banking Turnover Easy Public Liability Insurance
Batch Payment Bid Easy Motor Insurance
Savings Supply Easy Fire Insurance
 Remittance  Exhibition Easy Contractors' All Risk Insurance
Fees Collection Service  Mortgage Easy  
  Easy Money  

5. Contact us:

For further information on SME Comprehensive Banking Services, please contact our Relationship Managers by calling BOC Service Hotline 888 95566 or visiting any of our sub-branches.

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