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BOC Small and Medium Enterprises Comprehensive Banking Services

Let’s work it out with you together!

1. Aim:

The BOC Small and Medium Enterprises Comprehensive Banking Services (“BOC SME Services”) provide a one-stop shop solution for you to minimize manpower while optimizing the efficiency of your financial management team. Our professional consultant team will tailor-make solution for you according to your special needs and requirements to make sure that your business will grow and prosper in the future to come.

2. Eligible Customers:

All sole proprietorship and limited companies in Macau

3. Benefits:

3.1 Multi-functional and user friendly solutions for your cash management needs.

3.2 Choice of credit facilities and plans to cater for your business development, long and short term financial planning.

3.3 Comprehensive insurance package and coverage to provide maximum protection for your business and your employees.

3.4 Working closely with and in conjunction to the SME policy of Macau SAR. You are welcome to come talking to our consultant anytime to find out what is best for you!

4. BOC SME Service always stands by you:

What your business needs… What we can do for you…
What is the best cash management solution for my business? At BOC, your cash management needs can be easily handled through various banking channels including our 24-hours e-Banking Service and branch network. Services provided includes:
1.   Various types of saving plans
2.   Online Banking – BOCNET(Corp.)
3.   Batch Payroll
4.   Remittance
5.   Credit Card Acquiring
6.   Automatic Fund Transfer
7.   Payment Transfer and Collection
8.   24-hours Automatic Banking Center
How BOC can help me to expand and transform? To cater for your business development needs, we will tailor-make credit facilities and plans for you so you will grow faster than ever.
1.   Benefit 120% from BOC SME Easy Money.
2.   Enjoy more flexibility with BOC Account Receivable Loan.
3.   Choice of credit facilities, repayment mode and mortgage loans to suit your special needs.
How to balance out risks of my business? Comprehensive insurance plans and packages can be provided to give you the peace of mind while you focus on your business development plans. Coverage available includes:
1.   Commercial All Risk
2.   Fire
3.   Employees’ Compensation
4.   Sign Broad Third Party Liability
5.   Public Liability
6.   Burglary & Theft
7.   Motor
8.   Marine
Am I eligible to apply for the SME subsidies schemes offered by the Macau government? Come talk to our professional consultant team members! We will find the best government subsidies scheme for you and help you to apply for:
1.   “Interest Subsidized Scheme on Bank Loans to Enterprises”
2.   “SME Credit Guarantee Scheme”
3.   “SME Credit Guarantee Scheme designated for special projects”
4.   Knowing more about other SME benefits and market information.

5. BOC SME Services

Cash Management Loan Insurance
BOCNET (Corporation)  SME supporting policy Employee's Compensation Insurance
BOCNET (Personal)  Turnover Easy Public Liability Insurance
Remittance  Supply Easy Motor Insurance
Fee Collection Service Contract Easy Fire Insurance
  Exhibition Easy Contractors' All Risk Insurance
  Mortgage Easy  
  Easy Money  
  Account Receivable Loan  
  Project Link Financing  

6. Application document required:

5.1 Sole Proprietorships

5.1.1 Valid identity documents of owners and account holders

5.1.2 Valid Business Registration Certificate or Declaration form of Start∕Alternation of Activity of Industrial Contribution(M1).

5.1.3 Receipt of Industrial Contribution M8, if any.

5.2 Limited Company

5.2.1 Copies of identification documents of shareholders and authorized signatories of corporation∕limited company.

5.2.2 Valid Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation.(1)

5.2.3 Receipt of Industrial Contribution M8.(2)

5.2.4 Minutes of the Share Holders Meeting or Directors Meeting.(3)

7. Remarks:

(1) Must be issued within the past 3 months.

(2) Can be replaced by M1 if the company has been incorporated for less than 1 year and no M8 is available.

(3) Not required if the signing arrangement of bank accounts will be the same as the signing arrangement of executive member specified in the Business Registration Certificate.

8. Contact us:

For enquiry of BOC SME Services, you are most welcome to contact our customer manager through the Service Hotline 888 95566 or e-mail here.


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