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Batch Payment (Recurring Transaction)


Service Name

Batch Payment (Recurring Transaction)


Batch Payment (Recurring Transaction) services are provided by Bank of China Limited Macau Branch.


This function is especially suitable for those SME customers like you who are extremely busy in business development to handle your account payables easily through our self-service channels anytime and anywhere, meaning greater flexibility and cost savings for you.

Example (1): For your many account payables, you can set up a one-time batch payment instruction to pay your bills on a specific date. After your instruction order has been executed, you may print the payment transactions details for your records.

Example (2): For payrolls, you can set up a batch payment instruction to pay your staff members individual in designated amount on specific date of each month, saving you the time and hassle in handling a lot of cash and cheques. After the instruction order has been executed, you may print the transaction details for your accounting purposes.

What’s more, you can enquire the status of your batch payment instructions, modify or cancel any pending instructions online.

Eligible Customers

All BOCNET (Personal) users 

Application Procedure

Simply sign in BOCNET (Personal) and select Transfer/Remit.-->Batch Payment.

Service Time

24-hour self-service


1. Executions of the Batch Payment instructions are scheduled at the evenings on bank working days. Transactions in foreign currencies may be restricted by the conditions of the FX Market.

2. Batch payment instructions can be executed on the next working day soonest. In case the request date of the instruction is a Macau Banks’ Holiday, the instruction will be executed on the following bank working day.

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