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Interest Subsidized Scheme on Bank Loans to Enterprises

Through subsidizing the interest of bank loans, the SAR government intends to encourage local enterprises to allocate more funds for the investments necessary for the operation of the business in order to achieve the goal of fostering the diversification of the economic activities of Macau, strengthening environmental protection, assisting the local enterprises to upgrade their competitive advantages and to achieve modernization by technological renovation and reformation.

Details of the Scheme

Applicants who satisfy the criteria below will be eligible for a maximum of 4% interest subsidy for their bank loans for designated investment projects*1,  granted by Macau SAR Government, every year, up to a maximum of 4 years:

1. Must be a bank loan provided by a local bank;

2. The maximum loan amount eligible for interest subsidy is MOP10 million per applicant per year (The loan amount provided by the bank can be larger than MOP10 million);

3. The minimum loan amount eligible for interest subsidy is MOP300,000, unless the project belongs to one of the following areas:

3.1 To incorporate computer-aided process in order to improve the product planning and designing ability.

3.2 To install surveillance, surveying, testing and quality control instruments in order to enhance the quality control system.

3.3 To set up electronic data interchange system.

3.4 To protect and enhance the environment.

3.5 To improve working environment and safety conditions.

4. Minimum Tenor: not less than 1 year.

Note*1: Projects eligible for subsidy

  • Purchase of industrial or commercial property facilities
  • Building of new facilities
  • Extension of existing facilities
  • Maintenance and upgrade existing facilities
  • Purchase of new equipment, machineries or new trucks
  • Purchase of computer software for manufacturing or operation purposes
  • Purchase of energy efficient materials and facilities, and monitoring, measuring and analytical instruments for energy management.
  • Purchase and installation of heating/cooling system for renewable energy.
  • Acquire Intellectual rights
  • Signing of franchise agreement

Note 2: For loan interest rate lower than 4%, the actual interest rate charged will be subsidized.

Note 3: The tenor of the loan agreed by the Bank will not be subject to the 4-year limit.

Enterprises Eligible

  • Must be a private enterprise established and intended to invest in Macau;
  • A legal entity;
  • Not a debtor of the Macau SAR government (No tax payment overdue);
  • Have fulfilled the obligation as an employer to make contribution payment to the Social Security Fund (if applicable);
  • Holds appropriate license/permit for the operation of the relevant business (if applicable);

Application Documents Required

1. Application form (Part 1) (To be downloaded from the Macao Economic Services website : ;

2. Copies of the Company incorporation form (M1);

3. Copies of the identity documents of the owner or shareholders;

4. Copies of the Company registration documents (if applicable) and Certificate of Incorporation (i.e. Full set of commercial registration documents of the company issued within 3 months);

5. Employers please provide copies of the latest Social Security Fund payment receipt together with the application form;

6. Declaration of no tax arrears issued by Macau Financial Service Bureau;

7. Copies of financial statements / Profit Tax – Income Declaration (M1);

8. Bank statements for the last 6 months;

9. Copies of the license/permit for the operation of the relevant business (if any);

10. Copies of the Loan Agreement;

11. Other documents: Feasibility Report, document related to the instruments concerned or intellectual rights.

BOC SME Service - Loans

Inquiries and Application

For further information on how we may help you to apply for the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme and the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme Designated for Special Projects, please contact our Relationship Managers by calling BOC Service Hotline 888 95566 or visiting any sub-branch (click here) near you.

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