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SME Credit Guarantee Scheme / SME Credit Guarantee Scheme Designated for Special Projects

The SAR government will act as a credit guarantor for the small and medium enterprises in their application for bank loans so that the SMEs will have the additional funds necessary for business expansion.

Details of the Schemes

  SME Credit Guarantee Scheme SME Credit Guarantee Scheme Designated for Special Projects
Loan Amount Maximum MOP7 million Maximum MOP1 million
Percentage of loan guaranteed by the SAR Government Up to 70% (maxi. MOP4.9 million) Up to 100% (maxi. MOP1 million)
Purpose of Loan No limitation Special projects *
Loan Tenor Up to 5 years Up to 5 years

*1. To reform and alter the types of business; 2. To promote and advertise the own brands; 3. To improve quality of products. ; 4. To develop new type(s) of business; 5. To ease short term turnover difficulty due to abnormal, unexpected and uncontrolled situation, especially natural disaster(s) and plague(s).

Eligible Enterprises

  • Existing tax payer registered with the Financial Service Bureau and has been operating in Macau for:
    • at least a year (for SME Credit Guarantee Scheme)
    • at least 3 years (for SME Credit Guarantee Scheme Designated for Special Projects)
  • For sole proprietorship, the owner has to be a Macau ID holder;
  • For other types of business structures, over 50% of company's capital has to be owned by Macau residents;
  • With less than 100 employees;
  • In the proper condition of economic, financial and organization
  • Not a debtor of the Macau SAR government;

Application Documents Required

1. Fill out an Application form (Part 1) (Available to download from the Macao Economic Bureau's official website :;

2. Copy(ies) of the ID document(s) of the owner or shareholders;

3. Other document(s) and information that can be provided to the Committee as reference(s).

4. For application of SME Credit Guarantee Scheme designated for special projects, please provide details of the special project and the related feasibility report.

(Information released by the Macao Economic Bureau shall prevail.)

BOC SME Service - Loans

Inquiries and Application

For further information on how we may help you to apply for the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme and the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme Designated for Special Projects, please contact our Relationship Managers by calling BOC Service Hotline 888 95566 or visiting any sub-branch (click here) near you.

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