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Bid Easy


Bid Easy services are provided by Bank of China Limited Macau Branch. Bid Easy is a pre-approved credit line catering for the funding need of undertake government, state school, state hospital project.


1. Work subcontractor enterprise’s application is accepted

2. Loan fee discount

Loan Currency


Setting of Credit Limit

According to the project amount of suppliers winning bids for government, public school, public hospital and other buyer who on the list.


According to the project cycle, up to 1 year.

Eligible Customers

1. Legal entities of sole proprietorship or limited company registered in Macau SAR and in operation over 12 successive months.

2. Commercial entities with majority of business operation and major source of income in ∕ from Macau.

3. 50% (or more) of the sole proprietorship entity ∕ the limited company owned by Macau residents.

Application Documents

1. Declaration Form of Start ∕ Alternation of Activity of Industrial Contribution (M1), or Receipt of Industrial Contribution (M7 or M8), or valid Business Registration Certificate.

2. Copies of identification documents of owner(s) of Sole proprietorship entity or shareholders ∕ person in charge of limited company.

3. Bank statements (This is not required if customers have preferred BOC to be the major banker).

4. Proof of sales ∕ sales contracts to ∕ with designated entities ∕ institutions, such as invoices, supplier's contracts, purchase orders, etc. to be used as the major consideration for the setting of a credit limit.


1. Please contact our Relationship Managers to confirm the eligibility of the entities ∕ institutions for this product.

2. All application is subject to the final approval of the Bank. Other terms and conditions apply.

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