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Export bills collections

Product Name

Export bills collections


Export bills collections services are provided by Bank of China Limited Macau Branch. As entrusted by an exporter, collects payment from an importer through a collecting bank, upon presentation of the exporter’s documents.


1. Low cost. Low banking fees, help reduce financial expenses and control the costs;

2. Easy to use. Simple procedures, easy to use as compared with L/Cs;

3. Lower risk. The importer can only take delivery of the goods after acceptance or payment, which helps reduce the risks for the exporter as compared with open account sales.

Target Customers

1. Exporters know the credit status of the importers and have sufficient funds for preparation and delivery of goods;

2. In the sellers' market, the exporters are advised to choose D/P and in the buyers' market where the importers are asking for financial facility, the exporters may choose D/A.

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