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Shipping Guarantees

Product Name

Shipping Guarantees


Shipping Guarantees services are provided by Bank of China Limited Macau Branch. Goods arrive in port earlier than the transport documents, the bank counter-sign letter of indemnity (from the shipping agent) for the importer to obtain the release of the goods without Bills of Lading.


1. Reduction of capital tied up. Pick up and resell goods in advance with bank credit in order to speed up circulation of capital and reduce capital tied up;

2. Grasp market opportunities. It will assist importers in obtaining documents of title to goods, picking up and reselling goods in case of arrival of goods prior to documents;

3. Less financial expense. Importers can pick up goods in time to avoid demurrage charge.

Target Customers

It is applicable in the case of short shipping voyage and the goods arriving prior to the documents.

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