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BOC Integrated Cash Management is a tailor-made cash management for our corporate customers aiming to enhance their corporate efficiency and reduce operating costs. The scope of our services includes cash management for the company and/or the group, counter services, corporate e-banking, merchant acquiring services for credit/union cards, payroll and remittance services, etc.

Including but not limited to :

1.Payroll processing, cash management, funds transfer for the company and the group through corporate e-banking.

2.Cash notes and coins processing services (deposit and withdrawal) over the counter or at your doorstep

3.Fast remittance services at preferential rates

4.Payroll and autopay services

5.Merchant acquiring service for credit cards

6.Other clearing and settlement services


Levy of charges subject to mutual agreement and executed according to the contract signed.

Target Customers

Big corporate clients

Eligibility Criteria

1.Open operating accounts with BOC

2.Cash and funds transfer transactions in compliance with international anti-money laundering acts, Macau S.A.R. and relevant law.

3.Operate business in large scale and transaction volume should meet our minimum requirement.

Documents Required

Applicants are required to submit all documents and certificates necessary for account opening.

Application Procedures

1.Application initiated by clients themselves or invited by bank

2.Scope of services provided subject to negotiation

3.Signing of agreement to initiate provision of services.

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