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Payroll Service


Payroll service (electronic payment service, such as: payroll, allowance, etc.)


Payroll service for corporate and institutional customers is provided by Bank of China Limited Macau Branch. The Bank provides employee payroll service for customers. Through a complete set of payroll system of the Bank, the Bank handles employee payroll service on the date specified by the customer.


1.Ensure that employees' pay is punctual, accurate, safe and reliable, and the fees are bargain;

2.Employers can also choose the pay date and the number of pay at will, which is convenient for the company to make financial arrangements.

Applicable customers

Applicable to all companies, institutions and schools. Companies, institutions and schools applying for "electronic payment services" must have opened HKD/MOP savings/current accounts and foreign currency accounts with the Bank.

Application Procedure

1.Customers can apply for "Electronic Payment Service" at our any sub-branches, and install the relevant computer program on the computer with the program file provided by the bank after the application;

2.The customer sends the payroll information to the bank at two working days before the agreed payment date; (information includes: payment check/withdrawal form/entrust letter and storage media for recording employee payroll information);

3.The bank pays the payroll to its employees based on the information entrusted by the customer on the agreed payment date.

For more information, please contact BOC Service Hotline 888 95566.

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