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Batch Direct-Debit Services


Batch Direct-Debit Services


Company can dispose a batch of Direct-Debit from designated the third party account* into your enterprise's name account every-time. Company can also look over the result of batch processing on the internet, the downloaded file (Txt format) can use in the financial system for reference. (*The third party must sign an agreement beforehand)


1. Accept CSV file upload. And provide download CSV file result, enquiry result and print out the transaction.

2. Can direct-debit from BOC account.

3. Can provide personalized service for response customer’s characteristics.


The Client has already applied “BOCNET (Corp.)” with Batch Direct-Debit Services

Service Time

Provided 24 hours Self-Service.

Application Procedures

Please visit our branch / sub branch for apply the Batch Direct-Debit Services

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