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「BOC Mobile Banking App」FAQ

1. What is BOC Mobile Banking App?

BOC Macau Mobile Banking App (“this App”) is developed by BOC Macau to provide general banking and investment services through the mobile application. With this App, you can enjoy our secure, simple and convenient service and get the latest information for your everyday banking needs.

2. What services are available on BOC Mobile Banking App?

Features available through BOC Macau App includes, depending on app version, access to BOC Mobile Banking (login required), View Balances of bank accounts, QR Code Payment (Binding required), Market Watch, FX Rates, Interest Rates, Card Promotion, Merchant Offers, Branch/ATM locations, etc. BOC Macau App will be enhanced continuously to improve our service to you.

3. Ihave been a customer of BOC Mobile Banking Services, do I have to download this App to use BOC Mobile Banking Services?

We recommend that you can download this App, because this App not only can provide you the entrance to BOC Mobile Banking Service, you can also enjoy other banking services like market information, special offers and etc.

4. Do I need to apply before download and use the App?

No, BOC Mobile Banking App is available for anyone to download.

5. How can I ensure to download the official version?

You can follow 「BOC Mobile Banking App」 download instructions on our official website.

6. What is the service charge for BOC Mobile Banking App?

The use of BOC Mobile Banking App is free of charge. However, for some of the transactions, there may be a service charge or commission fee. For more information about this issue, please make inquiries to our bank. Also, please note that your mobile network service provider may charge you for the data usage incurred by using BOC Mobile Banking App, so please pay attention to the charging scheme of your data plan subscribed from your service provider, especially for roaming data charges of overseas usage.

7. Can I access BOC Mobile Banking App on any mobile handsets?

BOC Mobile Banking App is generally supported on mobile handsets whose operating system are above iOS 6.0 or Android 4.0.

8. Do I need to use any particular mobile network operator?

BOC Mobile Banking App can run on any mobile network operators that provide 3G services. However, you are advised to pay attention to the potentially additional data charges imposed by the service providers, especially for roaming data charges.

9. Can I access BOC Mobile Banking App over Wi-Fi connection?

You can, but you have to avoid using public wireless networks and non-password-protected wireless networks to login BOC Mobile Banking App. Trusted and password-protected wireless networks are suggested for login to BOC Mobile Banking App. Please note that in some cases, additional Wi-Fi charges may apply. Please contact Wi-Fi provider.

10. Can I access BOC Mobile Banking App with Mobile Prepaid Service?

You can, but you should pay attention to the charges incurred by the additional data usage.

11. Can I access BOC Mobile Banking App overseas?

Yes, you can access our BOC Mobile Banking App wherever you can have a mobile internet connection via your mobile handset. However, please note that in such case, roaming data charges may apply. For details, please contact your mobile network service providers.

12. If a call comes in, will BOC Mobile Banking App be interrupted?

It will depend on the functionality of different mobile handsets. You can check your App to see if the login session is still valid. Please be reminded that if you stay on a screen inactively for 7 minutes, your BOC Mobile Banking App will logout automatically.

13. Why does this App use GPS model?

The App uses the device’s GPS coordinates to pinpoint your exact location and search for nearby sub-branches and ATMs. We will not disclose, sell, rent or exchange this information to anyone.

14. If I still have other issues regarding the use of BOC Mobile Banking App, what should I do?

You are welcome to visit any of our branches within our office hours, or call our Service Hotline (853)888 95566. You may also send e-mail to for inquiry.

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