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Account Opening Enquiry


Account Opening Enquiry


If you are interested to open an account at BOC Macau, regardless of which type of account you wish to open, our service hotline will definitely provide you with convenience in obtaining detailed information and procedures of account opening. You can also choose to receive account opening documentations by fax.

Eligible BOC Account Types:

● Personal Account – applicable for Macau residents, Hong Kong residents, citizens of Mainland China and customers holding other identification documents issued in other countries/region;

● Corporate Account – applicable for Sole Proprietorship companies, Limited companies and offshore companies;

● e-banking Account – which enables customer(s) to access service hotline (Telephone Banking Services), BOCNET (Personal), BOCNET (Corp.) and BOC Mobile Banking Services

Applicable User

All customers who are interested in account opening.


Call our service hotline at 888 95566 and press ‘4’ to obtain detailed information and procedures of account opening once you have chosen the language for your telephone banking services.

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