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Cheque Deposit Channel


You can use the Cheque deposit channel (CDC) of Bank of China Macau Branch all over Macau to deposit cheque and collection the receipts by yourself.

Basic Functions

1. Cheque Deposit

Customer select the cheque deposit button in interface, enter the account number, phone number and email address (all option). If you do not enter any informations, you must write the account number on the back side of the cheque. When depositing the cheque, it should be face up, the payee should be on the right side and neatly placed on the left side of the entrance. A provisional receipt can be obtained when the process is complete. The types of cheque accepted include:

Accepted Cheque Type
BOC/other bank promissory note、BOC/other bank cheque、BOC/other bank gift certificate、BOC/other bank wealth partaking scheme cheque and collection note *

* Collection notes do not include the American notes which need signed by customer, M7, and the size of the cheque larger than the device entrance.

2.Receipt Collection Service

After the cheque is comfirmed to accept by bank, the customer can get the official receipt in different ways:

  • Customer can hold the provisional receipt to CDC, scan the bar code to get the official receipt.
  • If the phone number is input when the cheque is deposited, the official receipt within 5 working days can be printed after the phone number is input into CDC and verified by SMS.
  • If the email address is input when the cheque is deposited, you will receive the official receipt directly by email.

Warm prompt

1. Maximum of 25 cheques can be deposit in the CDC at once.

2. If the account number is entered, all cheques deposited in the CDC will be the same payee by default.

3. We only accept credit payment from other bank cheque. Please write down the credit card number on the back side of the cheque,

Distribution of CDC in the Bank

Hotline : 00853-88895566

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