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BOC Express


You can select the service your need by just a touch to the BOC Express screen, insert your BOC card, follow the screen and voice prompts, to perform account inquiry, fund transfer, payment/recharge, update passbook, inquiry the latest currency exchange rate/interest rate and more banking services by yourself.

Basic Functions

1. Payment

Credit card repayment, social security fund, payment of water, electricity, telephone bills, taxes, insurance fee, other company/organization charges, mobile phone pre-paid card recharge service, etc.

2. Account transactions

Fund transfer - Transfer funds to the account in the card, transfer funds to the cardholder's account, transfer funds to others account.

Account inquiry - inquiry account balance, transaction record of the day, account history record, reprint voucher, print transaction record.

3. The other

Reprint of passbook - Printing the transaction records in the passbook that have not been printed;

Promotion - Check our latest offer/promotion information;

Exchange rate/Interest rate - Inquire deposit interest rate, foreign exchange rate against HK/MACAU dollar;

Charitable donations - Direct donations to major charitable organizations through self-service channels to support their philanthropy;

Loss reporting area - Provide the service of loss reporting passbook and BOC card;

SMS Service - SMS registration/cancellation service for BOC Card;

Location of Bank of China - inquire the bank branches, 24 Hour Self-service Banking Center;

4. With Chinese and English interface, you can choose freely and not restricted by the preset language of BOC card.

Warm prompt

1. BOC Express only accept the BOC card issued by the Bank of China Macau Branch;

2. You can inquire the account balance and transaction history of all your accounts;

3. Limit of daily transfer to the bank's third party account shared with limit of cash withdrawal;

4. When update passbook, the passbook shall be turned over to the printed page and put in for printing;

Distribution of BOC Express in the Bank

Hotline : 00853-88895566

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