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LANGUANGJUSTBON (02606) Unconditional Takeover ANNOUNCEMENT-[Update]




ANNOUNCEMENT: Unconditional Takeover-[Update] BOOK CLOSE DATE: NA

START DATE: July 19,2021

DEADLINE: August 09,2021


Dear customer,

LANGUANGJUSTBON(CODE:02606) MANDATORY UNCONDITIONAL CASH OFFER-[Update], cash offer price per share: HKD54.30, deadline is extended to be:9/8/2021.

If you accept the repurchase offer, please apply at BOC Macau APP or BOCNET(Personal) or in person to our counter of RBP DEPT-BANKING CTR/SUB-BRANCHES, or may contact service hotline (853)888 95566 select language and then press 5.2.8 for related application process on or before the deadline. The listing company reminded the shareholders that if they do not accept the H Share Offer and the H Shares are delisted from the Stock Exchange, subject to the satisfaction of the requirements as set out above for the Delisting Resolution in accordance with Rule 2.2 of the Takeovers Code and the satisfaction of all other Listing Rule requirements, this will result in the Independent Languang H Shareholders holding securities that are not listed on the Stock Exchange and the liquidity of the H Shares may be severely reduced. In addition, Languang Justbon may not continue to be subject to the requirements under the Takeovers Code after the completion of the Offers.

NOTE: For more detail, please refer to the announcement posted on HKEX news website(

Bank of China Macau Branch
July 19,2021



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