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RMB Foreign Exchange Forward Deal

Product Name

RMB Foreign Exchange Forward Deal


RMB Foreign Exchange Forward Deal refers to the foreign exchange transaction on a foreign exchange rate agreed by the Bank of China Macau Branch and customer under a foreign exchange contract. The tenor usually will be 1 to 12 months.


RMB Foreign exchange forward is involved in many major currencies to satisfy the exchange demand. And allowing customers to lock the RMB exchange rate in the future, namely to lock the costs or benefits in the future which play the role of both value maintenance and risk prevention.

Eligible customers

Customers who need to hedge the risks of the fluctuation of exchange rate.

Service Time

Customers can go to Bank of China Macau Branch or any sub-branch in person during office hours.

Risk Disclosure:

Exchange rate risk could be caused by the exchange rate and interest rate fluctuation risk

Please call our hotline 888-95566 for more details.

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