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RMB Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)

Product Name

RMB Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)


RMB non-deliverable forward (NDF), a kind of cash settled foreign exchange forward contract between customer and BOC Macau on USD/CNY, where the net gain or loss is settled in USD at the settlement date by taking the difference between the agreed upon forward exchange rate and the fixing spot rate at the maturity date, for an agreed upon notional amount. Customer can buy or sell USD/CNY without physical delivery of notional amount and with only cash settled gain or loss in USD.


RMB NDF offers customers the opportunities to hedge RMB foreign exchange risk exposure and fulfill the need of RMB investment without physical delivery. Meanwhile, the product involves leverage which helps improve liquidity management for customers.

Eligible customers:

Corporations seeking to hedge the FX risk exposure or to invest in FX market

Service Time:

Customers can go to Bank of China Macau Branch or any sub-branch in person during office hours.

Risk Disclosure

RMB NDF is not a profit guaranteed instrument. Customers will be exposed to RMB exchange rate risk and potential loss may exceed the amount of cash margin.

Please call our hotline 888-95566 for more details.

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