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Foreign Exchange Option and Options Combination

Product Name

Foreign Exchange Option and Options Combination


Foreign Exchange Option refers to the transacting a right with Bank of China Macau Branch. After paying a certain amount of premium, the buyer has a right to exchange a particular currency at the agreed rate on a pre-determined settlement date in the future. In the meantime, the seller of the option is obliged to perform the transaction if the buyer chooses to excise the right.

Foreign Exchange Options Combination is composed of various single plain vanilla foreign exchange options, including Risk Reversal Options Combination, Cap Forward, Vertical Spread Options Combination, etc.


1. Buying the foreign exchange option can hedge the currency risk in the future.

2. Selling the foreign exchange option can receive a premium.

3. Foreign Exchange Options Combination can be constructed with more flexibility to satisfy different trading strategies, FX hedging objectives, FX market expectation.

Eligible customers

Corporations and Institution investors

Service Time

Customers can go to Bank of China Macau Branch or any sub-branch in person during office hours.

Risk Disclosure

Foreign Exchange Option and Options Combination are financial derivatives with high risk. Customers will be exposed to foreign exchange rate risk and potential loss may exceed the amount of cash margin or initial investment principal.

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