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RMB Remittance

Extensive coverage of collection points
Make a remittance from the balance of your local RMB account to a Mainland RMB account registered in the same name. Maximum remittance per day is 50,000 RMB.

Comprehensive remittance network
Remittance points cover major cities, provinces and municipalities throughout the Mainland ensure efficient service.
Remittance applications can be processed conveniently at our Branch’s Business Centre, sub-branches and iT’s Online Banking Service.
Simply remit funds online for total convenience and flexibility.

Scope of service:
1. Make transfer from local BOC RMB Savings Account to a RMB Savings Account in the Mainland registered under the same name;
2.  After a withdrawal, the remaining balance of the RMB Savings Account in the Mainland can be transferred to the local BOC RMB Account registered under same name, on condition that appropriate application procedures for outward remittance had been completed.  Please enquire at Mainland branches/sub-branches for details.

Maximum transaction limit:
RMB 50,000 per customer per day.

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