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Outward Remittance


Outward remittance


Outward remittance services for personal customers are provided by Bank of China (Macau) Limited. Your funds can be remitted to all over the world through Bank of China (Macau) Limited.


With the branches in many countries, Bank of China has clearing centers in New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and other currency centers and has the correspondent bank relationships in major regions of the world. Having the optimal remittance path and years of accumulated experience, we will provide you with professional consulting remittance service, so that your remittance can reach everywhere globally.

All the sub-branches of Bank of China (Macau) Limitedhave the remittance service. The service includes wire transfers (T/T) and demand draft transfers (D/D) in multiple currencies.

Process Flow

You can visit our sub-branches with valid identification documents, or register the beneficiary information through BOC online banking(personal) or BOC mobile banking to process the remittance.

Wire transfers need to provide beneficiary account number, name, full address, remittance purpose, beneficiary bank name, address, swift code and beneficiary bank clearing code (if any).

Demand draft transfers need to provide beneficiary name, address and remittance purpose.


What is swift code?

Swift is the English abbreviation for “society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication”. Every bank member of the association has its own specific code, which is swift code.

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