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Inward Remittance


Inward remittance


Inward Remittance services for personal customers are provided by Bank of China (Macau) Limited. Relatives and friends from all over the world can remit the funds to your account with Bank of China (Macau) Limited.


Through Bank of China’s domestic branches, overseas branches and the interrelation with other banks all over the world, your relatives and friends can remit the funds to your account promptly and safely.

Process Flow

Inform your relatives and friends your account number and the required message as the remittance information. Our bank will credit to your account after receiving the remittance order.

Remittance information should include: beneficiary account number, full name, and beneficiary bank information.

Beneficiary Bank Information

Beneficiary Bank Bank of China (Macau) Limited
Address Bank of China Building, Avenida Doutor Mario Soares Macau

Correspondent Bank Information

For each currency correspondent bank information of Bank of China (Macau) Limited, please consult the relationship manager, our sub-branches or dial our hotline 888 95566.

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