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Bond Trading


Bond Trading


BOC Macau Branch provides you a variety of bond trading services including worldwide bond trading, subscription of new bond issues, secondary market trading, custody, collection of interest and maturity redemption services.

Product Features

Bonds are a fixed income investment instrument. In general, high quality fixed rate bonds may provide investors more stable return than common stocks. Bond holders can choose to hold the bond till maturity or sell it before maturity at the market price. To include the bond into an investment portfolio may help to diversify the investment risks.

Eligible Customers

Customers with investment experiences and a certain level of risk tolerance.

Application Method

Please visit any of our sub-branches for account opening and bond trading.

Risk Disclosure

This document does not constitute an offer for the purchase or sale of any investment products. Bonds are not a capital preservation product and carry a variety of risks, which may cause you to lose all or part of your principal. Before making investment decisions, you should study related sales materials to gain a full understanding of the characteristics, structure, costs and risks of the product and seek independent professional advice. You should carefully consider whether the investment is suitable in light of your own financial situation and investment objectives.

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