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A-Share Northbound Trading (Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect)


A-Share Northbound Trading (Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect)


The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) and SSE have established a mutual order-routing connectivity and related technical infrastructure to enable investors of their respective markets to trade designated equity securities listed in the other’s market. By Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas investors can directly trade the eligible listed shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Northbound Trading). Mainland investors can directly trade the eligible listed shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Southbound Trading).


Account opening and trading procedures are simple and easy. You can buy or sell stocks through BOCNET (Personal), BOC Macau APP and BOC Service Hotline. We also act as a custodian and provide safe and reliable services.

Eligible Customers

Customers with investment experience and a certain level of risk tolerance

Application Method

Please use BOC Macau APP or visit any BOC sub-branches to complete the service activation procedures.

Stocks Type, Order Type and Rules for Order Placement

For more details: Stock Types, Order Types, Rules for Order Placement under A-Share Northbound Trading (Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect).pdf

Currency of Securities

You have to trade SSE Securities in RMB and settle with your multi-currency account.

Trading Hours

Northbound trading will follow SSE’s trading hours. However, SEHK will accept Northbound orders from EPs five minutes before the Mainland market session opens in the morning and in the afternoon.

SSE Trading Session SSE Trading Hours Time for EPs to input Northbound orders
Opening Call Auction 09:15-09:25 09:10-11:30
Continuous Auction (Morning) 09:30-11:30
Continuous Auction (Afternoon) 13:00-14:57 12:55-15:00
Closing Call Auction 14:57–15:00  
  • Note:
    During 09:20-09:25 and 14:57-15:00, SSE will not accept order cancellation.
    During 09:10-09:15, 09:25-09:30 and, 12:55-13:00, orders and order cancellations can be accepted by SEHK but will not be processed by SSE until SSE's market is open.
    Orders that are not executed during the opening call auction session will automatically enter the continuous auction session.

Differences between HKEx Stock Trading and A-Share Northbound Trading

For more details: Differences between HKEx Stock Trading and A-Share Northbound Trading (Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect).pdf

Fees Schedule for A-Share Northbound Trading

Please find the attachment for more details: Type of Charges-Stock Trading

Notice for Corporate Customers

Corporate customers interested in multi-market securities trading have to submit an "Authorization Letter (Corporate Customer)" (Click to download) signed by the authorized person(s) who opened the Investment Account with BOC Macau and then come to any of our sub-branches to apply for the multi-market trading service. For enquiries, please contact your relationship manager or call our BOC Service Hotline at 888 95566.

Securities Margin Financing

We provide two different types of Securities Margin Financing, margin financing and collateral financing, please refer to Securities Margin Financing.

Risk Disclosure

This document does not constitute an offer for the purchase or sale of any investment products. Securities trading involve risks. The prices of securities may fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. It is possible that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling securities. You should study related sales materials before making investment decisions and seek independent professional advice. You should carefully consider whether the investment is suitable in light of your own financial situation and investment objective.


The information contained in this document is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. This document does not necessarily deal with every important topic relating to Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect or cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. For the rules of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, please refer to Hong Kong Exchange.

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