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BOC FX Order Entry Service


BOC FX Order Entry Service


BOC FX Order Entry Service is provided by Bank of China (Macau) Limited. BOC FX Order Entry Service means that the customer placed the FX Order Entry through BOCNET (Personal). The FX Order Entry must be placed by specifying valid date and time. When the price of the order entry is equivalent to the real-time price of the bank, the order entry will be executed automatically at the preset price of the order. The FX Order Entry only can be placed during the FX trading session specified by the bank only. The FX Order Entry will be voided after the valid date and period. The Foreign Currencies Savings Account and Sheng Die Tong Bao (HKD-FX Margin) of our bank also provided the BOC FX Order Entry Service.

Service Advantage

Customers can place FX Order Entry through BOCNET (Personal) anytime and anywhere. The online trading platform is safe and convenient, with a notification of transaction completion. Customers can easily grasp the transaction status. The service is more suitable for FX trading and Sheng Die Tong Bao (HKD-FX Margin) transactions. Let you capture the investment opportunities in the foreign exchange market.

Applicable Targets

Customers with related FX trading investment experience and accepted the risk.

Application Procedure

Customers with Foreign Currencies Savings Account and Sheng Die Tong Bao (HKD-FX Margin) and BOCNET (Personal), can placed the order through BOCNET (Personal) on their own.

Trading Session

Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. in next day.

Risk Disclosure

1. Foreign exchange transactions involve risks. All transactions are concluded by relying on customer's own judgment, and customer shall bear the risks involved, regardless of whether the customer obtains advice or advice from the Bank or its employees.

2. FX trading involves risk, in particular to the substantially high level of risk involved in leveraged foreign exchange trading. Order entry may not be executed due to various market situations even if an order entry, such as “Limit Order” or “Stop Loss Order”, has been placed. The loss resulted under such circumstances will be undertaken solely by the customers.

3. The FX Order Entry placed will only be executed within/during the FX trading session specified by the bank. Anytime outside of the trading session, neither order entry nor margin deposits can be placed or increased. If the minimum margin deposit ratio falls below 30%, the HKD-FX Margin contract shall be forced liquidated even during non FX trading session. Therefore, the loss of a FX order may exceed the margin deposit and customer will have to bear such loss consequently.

4. Customers will take their own risk if order(s) may not be accepted in time when the trading platforms of the bank may fail due to the busy network, electronic system breaking down etc., thus causing the execution of the order to be interrupted or delayed.

For more information, please contact our service hotline 888 95566.

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