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Gold Savings


Gold Savings


Gold Savings services are provided by Bank of China (Macau) Limited. The bank provides the gold trading services with Gold savings account passbook, avoiding to settle with physical gold, which is easy and convenient.


Customers do not settle by physical gold, which can avoid the risk of keeping physical gold, and can earn the pricing spread at the same time.

Applicable Targets

Customer with related investment experience and accepted the risk.

Applicable Procedure

Visit our sub-branches to open the gold savings account and place transactions. If you have applied for Telephone Banking Services, you can call our service hotline 888 95566, select the language and talk to the person in charge of the service by pressing 5, 3, 8.

Risk Disclosure

The market condition of Precious metal is bot stable. You may have the loss from the precious metal trading. Precious metal does not have any interest. Customer buying precious metals does not mean to buy the physical gold or save deposit. You are not entitled to any interest in any precious metals owned or held in the Bank, and no right to deliver precious metal exchanges in the Bank. While investing offers the opportunity to earn profits, all types of investment have their own risk. As the volatility of precious metals market, the price of precious metals may rise or fall beyond your expected range, and the value of your investment funds may rise or fall due to precious metal trading. Before making an investment decision, you should evaluate your own willingness and risk tolerance. Our Bank recommends that you seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

For more information, please contact our service Hotline 88895566.

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