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Greater Bay Area Mortgage Plan


BOC Greater Bay Area Mortgage Plan is the first mortgage facility available in Macau for Hong Kong and Macao buyers to mortgage their property in the Greater Bay Area in MOP/HKD to minimize the risk associated with the fluctuation in RMB exchange rate. Preferential interest rate will be offered. Remittance of the final payment for the property to the developer in the Mainland will be free of charge! What's more! There is no penalty on early partial repayment you may make as well as flexible installment schedule.


1. Purpose of Loan: For mortgage of property for personal use in the 9 mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area.

2. Property Type: Residential, villas, car park, shopping mall unite, office, mansion and shop.

3. Tenor: Up to 30 years.

4. Loan Currency: MOP/HKD

5. Loan Amount: Up to 70% of property value.

6. Guarantee: The property will be pledged as collateral to the Bank.

Application Documents

1. Sales Contract of the Property

2. Valid identity documents(Macau / Hong Kong Residents Identity Card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents Card, etc.)

3. Income proof

4. Financial statements and assets proof

5. Tax documents (for Hong Kong appliers)

Remark: All loan applications are subject to the final approval of the Bank.

For enquiries, please contact our hotline at 888 95566.

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