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Financial Advice Provider Disclosure Statement Effective from 15th March 2021

Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited ('BOCNZ') is a Financial Advice Provider ('FAP') and holds a Transitional FAP licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority ('FMA') in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 ('FMCA') to provide financial advice services in New Zealand. BOCNZ provides this FAP disclosure in accordance with the FMCA and its regulations.

As a Transitional FAP licence holder, we provide financial advice services through our employees who are Financial Advisers ('FAs') under the FMCA. Our Financial Service Provider Registration number is FSP409486. This FAP Disclosure Statement is important because it provides information about the financial advice services that BOCNZ or our Financial Advisers provide to our customers. It should help you decide whether to use our advisers and whether to follow their financial advice.

BOCNZ is a Registered Bank in New Zealand:

BOCNZ carries on business as a bank and is registered as a bank by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act. We are 100% owned by the Bank of China Limited (BOC), an international financial services organisation offering a large range of financial products and services.

How is BOCNZ Regulated for Financial Advice?

We are licensed and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority for the financial adviser services we provide. You can check our status as a Financial Advice Provider at any time on the register of financial service providers at

You can also obtain information about financial advisers in general, or report information about us or our financial advisers, by contacting the Financial Markets Authority at:


Address: PO Box 1179, Wellington 6140

Complaints: 0800 434 566

Email Complaints:

Overseas callers: 00 64 3 962 2698

Conditions of our Transitional FAP licence:

Under the Transitional FAP licence, BOCNZ may provide financial advice services to you through a Financial Adviser under the following conditions, as specified by the FMA.

General conditions:

  1. BOCNZ can only provide financial advice services on a small number of financial advice products listed below (in the section "Nature and scope of advice").
  2. BOCNZ may nominate employees with appropriate skills as nominated representatives of BOCNZ who are able to give advice on behalf of BOCNZ.

Standard conditions:

  1. BOCNZ must maintain adequate records in relation to financial advice given.
  2. BOCNZ must have an internal process for resolving customer complaints relating to its financial advice service.

Nature and scope of advice:

The financial advice services BOCNZ is able to provide on financial advice products include:

  • BOCNZ bank deposits (Current/Savings and term deposits)
  • Home Loans (owner occupied and investor)
  • Remittance and foreign exchange services

Fees and other charges:

BOCNZ does not charge our customers for financial advice services.


BOCNZ may receive a commission from insurance providers whose policies our customers choose to take up. BOCNZ Financial Advisers are not personally paid a commission or incentivised for providing financial advice services on financial products.

BOCNZ duties:

BOCNZ, and its Financial Advisers providing advice on behalf of BOCNZ, are bound by law to:

  • have sufficient competence, knowledge, and skill to advise you;
  • act in your interests based on the agreed nature and scope of our advice to you;
  • exercise care, diligence, and skill when advising you;
  • meet the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set out in the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services

Resolving a Complaint or Problem:

Our goal is to provide you with the highest levels of quality service and support at all times. But if you do have a complaint or a problem with our products or services, please let us know as soon as you can so that we can help you and try to resolve your complaint or problem. Your feedback also helps us continue to improve our products and services. We are committed to helping you as quickly and fairly as possible, and we assure you that we will do our best to address your complaint quickly and sincerely. Full details of our complaints procedure are available from our offices or online at

We have a well-established effective escalation process, meaning we will work with you to address your concern as quickly as possible, whilst still providing you options to take the matter further if you are unhappy with the outcome.

  • Firstly, you may directly contact the staff member who provided you with the product or service; or
  • You may visit our offices at Level 17, Tower 1, 205 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand, alternatively you may call us on 09 980 9000 or 0800 695 566.
  • If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may:
    • Contact our Country Compliance Manager 09 980 9022; or
    • Fill in the Customer Feedback Form available from our offices.
  • Our Country Compliance Manager will then work with you to resolve the matter.

Banking Ombudsman Dispute Resolution Scheme:

BOCNZ is a member of the Banking Ombudsman Dispute Resolution Scheme, which is an approved scheme under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008. If you are not satisfied with the resolution suggested by our Country Compliance Manager, you can request a review from the Office of the Banking Ombudsman. You can find out more about the Banking Ombudsman by picking up a copy of the Banking Ombudsman brochure at our offices or online at If you need to contact the Banking Ombudsman, here are their details:

Postal address: Freepost 218002, PO Box 25327, Featherston Street, Wellington 6146

Physical address: Level 5, Huddart Parker Building, 1 Post Office Square, Wellington, 6011

Telephone: 0800 805 950 or (04) 915 0400


How to Contact Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited

We are located at Level 17, Tower 1, 205 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Telephone: 09 980 9000 or 0800 695 566


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