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Personal Term Deposit Interest Rates (20200617)


1.Personal Term Deposit Interest Rates for New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Term Rate (per annum)
1 month 0.30%
2 months 1.00%
3 months 1.70%
4 months 1.75%
5 months 1.80%
6 months 2.00%
9 months 2.00%
1 year 2.00%
1.5 years 1.95%
2 years 1.95%
3 years 1.95%
4 years 1.95%
5 years 1.95%
  • Interest will be paid at maturity
  • Minimum amount for NZD Term Deposit is $100,000.00
  • Maximum amount for NZD Term Deposit is $10,000,000.00
  • There are no fees for applying for a term deposit
  • Early withdrawal will result in the loss of interest earned and other fees, if applicable
  • The interest rates are subject to review or change at any time. You should seek our confirmation and agreement before you apply for or take out any term deposit

To apply for NZD Term Deposits or ask for more information, please call us on 09 980 9016 or email us at

2.Personal Term Deposits Interest Rates for Foreign Currency

Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited offers Foreign Currency Term Deposits in USD, AUD, and CNY. Interest rate for Foreign Currency Term Deposits is based on market interest rate at the time you conduct a Foreign Currency Term Deposit transaction with us as agreed between you and us.

Minimum amounts for term deposits are: US$50,000.00 for USD deposits, AU$ 50,000.00 for AUD deposits, and ¥1,000,000.00 for CNY deposits.

Please contact Personal Banking Department on 09 980 9016 or send email to:

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