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Home Loans Fees and Charges

(Effective as at 1 Jan 2020)

Fees Amount
Loan Application Fee
Administration fee payable when you apply for a new home loan.
Loan top up fee
Administration fee payable if at any time you apply to increase the Loan Amount.
Non-utilisation recovery fees
Administration fee payable if you do not make a borrowing under a loan agreement or a rate lock agreement.
Fees on early repayment
An early repayment administration fee applies for early repayment.
Break costs may also be payable.
Transfer of security fee
Administration fee payable when we review and document any requests you make to transfer or otherwise change the security for the loan.
Plus legal costs (if any) we incur for such transfer or change
Consent fee
Administration fee payable if we agree to provide our consent to any matter relating to the security for the loan (including on discharge or release of that security).
Default Notice Fee
Administration fee applies for any notice whether under the Property Law Act 2007 or otherwise which we send after you are in default
Plus legal costs (if any) we incur in performing or enforcing the loan agreement or a security after you are in default
Redocumentation fee
An administration fee payable for redocumenting the loan if you request material changes to be made to your loan.
Plus legal costs (if any) we incur for such redocumentation

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