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  • 0800 695 566(Within New Zealand)
  • 0064 9980 9000(From Overseas)
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Corporate Deposit Account

Demand Deposit Accounts provide a flexible and convenient way to maintain and access funds on demand.


•The account can be denominated in NZD, AUD, USD, RMB, HKD, EUR.

•Customers may access their accounts by visiting the Bank’s retail branch in New Zealand or internet banking.

•Minimum opening balance: NZD$2,000; AUD$2,000; USD$2,000; RMB$5,000; HKD $5,000; EUR2,000.

•Minimum balance for interest payment : NZD$2,000; AUD$2,000; USD$2,000; RMB$5,000; HKD$5,000; EUR2,000.

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